We get it. This third wave coffee movement? It’s an intimidating frontier full of technical lingo and expensive gadgets, all for the sake of unlocking a smooth and perfectly balanced cup of bean water. But great coffee represents a beautiful convergence of individual tastes and democratic experiences, so why do cold brew companies churn out the same holier-than-thou marketing gimmicks and mainstream products?

We have no interest in producing some boring “me-too” flavor just to win mass appeal. Our process is simple - brew something we would drink ourselves, test it on the most discerning taste arbiters, attempt to sell it for legal tender (though, is it too late to cash in on bitcoin?), pay the bills, and repeat.

Like yoga pants and showers, coffee is something we consume everyday, so, of course, we put a lot of effort in getting it right. We’ve partnered with some of the most reputable fresh coffee distributors and local community vendors for our ingredients, recipe and life advice, and supplies. We love to nerd out with our fans on the nuances of our ingredients, but if that’s not your interest, you can be rest assured that every bottle you purchase is rooted in meticulous craft and quality.